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Rent Out Our Back Gallery Room
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Q-If I only have 9 guests for an event, May I reserve a table instead of the gallery room?
A-Absolutely! Please call to pre-purchase & reserve 1 of the 2 large tables for up to 9 guests. 

Q-Can I bring balloons, flowers or decorations?
A-Absolutely! Decorations are welcome. We do not allow for Confetti or bubbles as well no hangings with glue, tacks or nails

Q-Are kids allowed?
A-Yes, they just are not allowed to sit at the bar...or drink alcohol! 

Q-Can I bring party favors for my guests?
A-Yes. All food needs to come from a health approved facility. A receipt needs to accompany all outside (pre-approved) food items. 
Unfortunately, we cannot have any home made food brought in. 

Q-Can I bring an i-pod and play my own music?
A-Yes, as long as the music isn't too loud and disruptive to our other guests.

Q-Can we have live music?
A-No, unfortunately at this time, we are not allowed to have live music

Q-Can I bring my own cake or my famous bean dip?
A-No, for liability reasons we don't allow outside food unless it comes from a health approved facility. (see question above)

Q-Can I bring my own wine from home?
A-Yes, we do charge a $25 corkage fee per bottle. It is our specialty! We would love to customize and choose the perfect wines for your budget and your palette. 

Q-Can I return any unused wine?
A-No, we do not do refunds on food or wine pre-purchased for your party. We will wrap it all up for you enjoyment at home! 

Q-Can I order more food the night of the event?
A-Yes, but you will be limited to the items on our regular bar menu because our event menu is by special order.

Q-Can I take my glass of wine outside?
A-No. All beverages must stay inside the bistro at all times.

Q-Can I do a slide show or give a speech?
A-Yes, we can turn off the music in the back so you can hear better. We do not provide the projector or sound equipment although we have a rental company that we can recommend to suit your needs. 

Q-Can we stay later than our allotted time frame?
A-Yes, but there is an additional fee. If there is space in the regular bar area you can move your party there.

Q-Can we take any left over food and opened bottles of wine home?
A-Yes. We can pack up any left overs and cork your opened wine.

Q-Do we clean up ourselves?
A-No. You will have a event server that is all yours to bus tables and open and serve your food and wine.

Q-What if I get sick the day of my party?
A-We unfortunately have to charge you for the food and wine due to the fact that our events menu is by special order and we had already pre-bought everything in advance. We can reschedule your party and will work with you as we know unforeseen things do come up. 

Q-Can I buy a few bottles for my guests and then switch to a cash bar?
A-Yes. We can definitely work that out.

Q-Can I have my food out in shifts and not all at once?
A-Yes. We can space it out however you would like.

Q-How do you cut the cakes?
A-We can keep the cake whole, cut into bite size pieces, or into as many pieces that you have guests.

Q-Can we rearrange the furniture?
A-Yes. We can customize the space to suite your needs. You may use the furniture that we have or for an additional cost may rent any furniture items you desire to turn RELM into your perfect event. 

Q-Can you help me pick out wines?
A-Yes! We have a great assortment and can meet your budget and taste bud needs. Our staff is educated on all the wines we carry as well our General Manger is a level 2 Sommelier.

Q-How do I reserve a date for my party?
A-We will need a 25% deposit to reserve a date. We take event reservations up to 8 months prior to an event. 

Q-Can I taste the wines before my party?
A-Yes. You can taste any wines that we have on our glass pour at the time of your 45 minute consultation with our General Manager.

Q-How do I know if a certain date is available for a party?
A-Please call 760-814-1198 or email -our event coordinator will respond via email within 24 hours.

Q-Can I rent out the entire wine bar?
A-Yes. Arrangements can be made to rent the entire bar. The cost would be negotiated according to the day of the week.

Q-I am bringing a party for a non profit organization. Can you give us any discounts?
A-Yes. We can discount the room fee or waive the tax.